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September 2013

Mesut Özil: Exclusive interview (X)

Interviewer: Mesut there were many big speculations yesterday, where is Mesut Özil? What is happening, a transfer to Arsenal London? In the end it was clear yesterday evening. You go from Real Madrid to Arsenal London. Why Arsenal London?

Mesut: First, I’m really looking forward to it, and well, because I got the coach’s trust, I talked to him on the phone for a long time and he told me what he expects and that he trusts me and I need that as a player. I’m especially looking forward to seeing my teammates like Lukas Podolski or Peer Mertesacker with whom I’m gonna play with now. I’m just happy about the new task. I already heard they have great fans, the city is awesome and the team is amazing. I’m just looking forward to it.

Interviewer: Real Madrid, a few days ago you were in Madrid, there was a huge press conference, and you said you’d support Real Madrid 100%, why that change of mind within a few days?

Mesut: Because at that point I was sure I’d stay at Real Madrid. And after that I realized that I don’t have the trust of the coach or the management and I’m a player that needs trust and I felt that at Arsenal. That’s why I’m going there.

Interviewer: Last question, you were really popular at the fans of Madrid. Are you going to miss them?

Mesut: Definitely, they supported me till the last second. I also heard they yelled at the stadium (during Bales presentation) “don’t sell Özil”. That shows how the fans stood behind me. And when I hear that, that makes me sad, but that’s football business, and that’s why I wish good luck to my friends there, that they stay healthy and successful, and I wanna thank the fans personally that they supported me to the last second.
(special thanks to marcelovieiras for the translation!)

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