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February 2014

Cristiano, congratulations! You were suspended for three weeks. I didn’t recognize a handicap, did you make a special preparation?
No, I always train the same way. I feel good today, I helped the team to get this beautiful result. I scored two goals and I’m very glad for that, you know? Those suspended three days, I think that was a lot for what I did, but that’s the past. The present is good, I feel good, and there are *thinks* nineteen days to finish the League so -the Champions League, too- and I’m ready. I’m ready for that.

Is it a question of individual quality?
Of course, I think the team was amazing. I was in the front; me, Karim and Bale, it works. We try to score goals all the time. We scored six goals, amazing goals, and the team was amazing. Very compact, very mature, and we are on the way to try to win this competition.

You personally scored goal number ten and eleven, a special greeting to Zlatan Ibrahimovic?
No, I don’t compete with Zlatan. I score to help my team, and of course to be in the top of the (goal) scorers, it’s a good challenge for me. I’m very glad for that. I feel happy, but there are many, many games still to come and I will prepare myself to try to win this competition and to be the top scorer, of course.

Cristiano Ronaldo, interview with ZDF, 26/02/2014 (X)

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